Gratitude Community

I joined. It's a simple idea. Every Monday (or any other day) add to a list of God's graces until you reach 1000. And then start over.

holy experience

1. words
2. sisters in Christ
3. blogs
4. a couple I saw embracing at the airport . . love
5. kind words written in pretty cards
6. Emily playing piano & singing. So beautiful and soul stirring
7. Daniel's poetry. Like looking at life through a kaleidoscope
8. cinnamon buns & coffee
9. lilacs
10. lavender
11. basil
12. rosemary
13. burgers on the grill
14. a son who calls home (a lot :)
15. Sam's smile (it's almost always there)
16. friends - old, not so, and those yet to be made
17. knowing that tomorrow there will be more to be grateful for