Riding High

The day awaits (and has been for some time). Like the impatient taskmaster it is, my planner sits open, toe-tapping, incessantly nagging me to attend to all its demands.

Demands that reflect a confused mix of my own ambition, duty, desire, diligence. And fear. Written here so I won't forget, they hold seem to hold some delusive power just because they've been penned. Just words.

And then I open Yours. Words of truth and power that's real. Words that remind me how my heart may plan my day, but you order my steps (Ps. 16:9). Words that, in the face of all my ambition, state that a little is better with the awesome knowledge of Your presence than a day full of accomplishment and strife (Ps. 15:16).

Words that invite me to be still and know who You are (Ps. 46:10); to put aside fear and consider the lilies (Mt. 6:25, 28); to become like a child, full of wonder, trust, and humility (Mt. 18:1-4).

Words of a loving Father, soothing my anxious mind, as You tell me to seek You first. In my day, in my heart, in each step. And to rest in Your care and provision (Mt. 6:33). To find all my joy and delight in You. And You will fulfill the desires of my heart (Ps. 37:4). Desires placed there by You, for our pleasure and Your glory.

Words enough for a lifetime of days.

So with a heart and mind full of Your words, and a quick glance at mine, I run. Like a little girl into her Father's arms, riding high on His shoulders, His strong steps carrying them both . . into the day.

holy experience