Dreams Come True

Three of my children played in "Cinderella" this past weekend.

Daniel was "Prince Charming." Emily played an uncharacteristic "Evil Step-Sister." And Joe was a mouse turned coachman.

It was a fabulous, exhausting week culminating in four packed performances. The costumes were beautiful, the acting was fabulous, and the story was classic. But the best part by far were the little girls who came dressed in their "Cinderella" finest. The play was very interactive, and the "princesses" were invited to come on stage and learn to curtsy with the "Fairy Godmother."

They were given invitations to the ball by the Prince and his Baron. And some even got to try on the glass slipper, as the Prince searched for his true love.

One little three year old girl was especially precious. Her parents just happened to see the sign advertising the play as they were driving home from an extended stay in the hospital with their daughter who has cerebral palsy. They brought her and sat on the front row. Prince Charming delivered her invitation and later tried the slipper on her little foot. But the sweetest part of the story was not in the script. The play was over, and she had had her picture taken with Cinderella. As her parents prepared to leave, she said to her daddy, "But we still have to go to the ball!" Her father, in all his wisdom and love, carried his sweet little princess on to the stage and began to dance.

The beauty of Cinderella is the way it echoes the heart cry of us all. The cry to be loved as we are, chosen, and cherished. To be lifted by our hero into His embrace and care. To be escorted to the ball.

And to dance with our Father.

Better than wishes . .

65. Josh home safe from sailing with USNA
66. group hug from my three oldest
67. puzzling with Josh
68. a husband who adores me
69. a husband whom I adore
70. wisdom that helps me really see
71. courage to act on what I believe rather than what makes me look good
72. the best hot chocolate in the world made by Josh (with cayenne pepper!)
73. God's surprises
74. dreams come and coming true
75. love that covers

holy experience