For Sophia

Little girl,
do you know this place
to which you've arrived?
Soft and new,
unstained and pure,
you enter our lives
through tears, pain, and blood.


What awaits you here?
Is your entry indicative of
all that is to come?
Should you struggle back
to the safety of your momma's womb?
Could you?

But your feet won't follow.
Pudgy and soft,
useful only for kisses and counting toes.
Your mind blissfully ignorant
of all but the hearts around.
They stare and coo and woo
you into this strange new world.

Behind your blurry eyes,
their images making connections:

This is your daddy.
His hands guided the last of your journey here,
as they will every step hence.

Your momma.
You know her already by heartbeat.
An apt introduction,
for this rhythm will undergird
the music of your life.

And all these others?!
Your siblings and partners.
Their faces full,
they'll argue over whose turn it is
to hold you.
To love you.
To dance.

Yes, dear child,
blood birthed you,
as it will one day again.
He watches you until.
He has since before time.
On that day,
delivered again by tears and pain,
you will meet Him.
These faces before you now
will make the introduction.

From maker to family to maker.

Welcome, little one,
to love.

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