I take him in my arms. His seven year old body not long to outgrow my lap and this rocker. This "little" one. My last. I remember so clearly rocking his biggest brother twenty years ago and all the hours rocking the four in between. It's trite, but true. Time flies, and its flight gets faster every year.

With this sobering knowledge, I pray, "Lord, help me teach Him of You." While He still will sit, the warmth of my arms, softening the clay of his heart. Still so moldable. So teachable.

I kiss his forehead and the lesson starts:

"I love you so much, Sammy."

"I love you too."

"Do you know who loves you even more than I do?"


"How do you know God loves you?"

"He created me."

"What else did he create?"

"You. And you helped Him create me."

I catch my breath. What profound truth. The creator of the universe, and I his co-creator. Humility, adoration, grandeur all overwhelm me at once.

The lesson ends. I am speechless. My tutor climbs down, and I, the blessed student, sit in awe.

"and a little child will lead them." ~ The Bible

holy experience

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