Sun Through Clouds

I stare at him through tears and snot
The congestion in my head a mirror of that in my heart
I want to clear both

I want the tears to stop falling and the clouds around my heart and mind to clear
like they do so often after the rain

But they won't
The hurt and confusion that lies between us remains unresolved

Though the storm and its impending fury blew over,
it remains grey and cold and drizzly
I long to blow this mess away
My heart cries for the clarity and security of intimacy

As I stare, I think,

"If I could just be stronger. More together. More on top of things."

Like emotions, fatigue, schedules

Without a word spoken, he reads my mind
His hand touches my wet cheek
He says,

"Don't change. I don't want you to."

And the sun peeks out

What more could I ask for?
This man who hears my honest thoughts
Touches my weary face
And affirms the woman I am

As I am

Sometimes rain and tears and hurt confuse
Today they revealed

A love more clear and secure and warm than I knew

Joining Emily and others at "imperfect prose"

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