Will You Be My Friend?

Circle yes or no.

The invitation and solicitation wrapped up in one. A little girl's simple, straightforward words to request. To fill a hunger of heart she can't begin to comprehend. So vulnerable and sweet.

And so unaware of the precipice upon which she balances. On one side, the rapturous joy of relationship. Cold, confusing rejection on the other. What naivete in the asking.

What fearlessness!

Time and experience change the words and method. Heart wounds make us careful. But the "yesses" spur us on, giving courage to face the possibility of disappointment. No longer a matter of a passed note and a circle. Now the request comes veiled in "coffee"; a walk; a chat between lessons, sports, meetings. A hundred disguises, but the same desire that calls out from heart to heart.

God, give us courage to keep asking. To keep risking.
And to keep finding this beautiful, dangerous gift . . friendship.

(She circled "Yes!")

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