just a few of the many
who have entered my life
like a face i keep seeing
in the vast crowd of this place

i know you only by image
a painting or photo
i don't know your last name or where you live
or what your voice sounds like

my mind fills in the blank spaces
and your pictures add life with color
i can tell that's your little one
he has your eyes

sometimes when i'm out
i wonder if i might see you
could you live in the town next to mine
or are you halfway 'round the world

but you are my friend
oh, how i'd love to have you all to tea!
wouldn't that be a wonderful reunion
of friends who have never met

how has my heart been knit to yours?
with thread made of words, golden and strong
your "comments" bringing love
to my heart on a screen

what surprises life brings
who'd have thought i'd find
sisters, friends, and comrades
in my computer