Eden's Redemption

two trees stand before me
one I know well
its fruit luscious, heady, and ripe
the scent of knowledge, vanity, pride

my ancestors knew it
their lineage sustained and appetites sated
with its fallow fruit and empty promises

the knowledge of good and evil
the hope of immortality
to be like God

the same old lie
its deceit as fresh as the day

why is man so simple?

fig leaves make pitiful clothes
my nakedness and shame refuse to be covered
scrambling, dropping, hiding
(a lot like those dreams of being naked in public)

but simpletons love their leaves
their futile efforts to mask weakness and failure
refusing to acknowledge their desperate need
refusing to accept

only blood can cover sin

footsteps come near
questions too
"why do you hide from my presence?"

accusations abound
excuses fly
everyone else must be at fault
to bear the blame
would be a burden that would crush

I know the sentence
He did not lie when He said
"you shall surely die"

so why does He fashion
clothes to cover my shame?
from what cloth do they come?

death has come
blood does cover
but it is not mine
this blood is from another

a foreshadow stretching long
across ages and time
from earth's creation . . to Gethsemane . . to this moment

the garden is not so far from here
its drama repeated in every mortal life
to listen to the deceiver
or to believe my maker

yes, the garden is near

but the verdict
it has changed
for my advocate spoke
and took all my blame
His hands bear the scars
of my heart's newfound healing

He invites me to walk
to taste of the other
this fruit not forbidden
but offered freely
"come and eat," He says

"of the Tree of Life"

and we walk in the cool of the day