Summer Somethings

I love fall. In my book, September 1 marks its beginning. It is the harbinger of all things cozy, smelly, and yummy. The scented candles come out, baking begins, and I start wondering when it will be cold enough for a fire.

But his year has been different. I blinked and summer past. I never even made my "Summer Bucket List" much less checked it off.

I haven't felt ready to move on.

I think what I missed was just having a long week of nothing. With a houseful, life doesn't slow to the pace of nothing much anymore. On the other hand, we certainly had lots of somethings.

This summer held plenty of fun and memories.

So today, in an effort to loosen my grip on summer and open wide my heart to fall, I'm chronicling and giving thanks for a few of these "summer somethings".

98. our Beach House weekend. It's our favorite place, and the kids have grown up there. Something magical happens to us when we're there . .

. . love abounds

. . laughter too

. . and a little bit of nothing

99. two weddings . .

. . and seventeen cousins reunited

(that was something)

100. beaches and beauties immortalized

101. beautiful places and friends

102. fairytales come to life

103. celebrating Daniel's 18th . .

. . who will always be forever young

104. Saturday morning donuts

Okay, I think I might be ready now . .

goodbye, summer

it's been fun

fall is here

your turn is done

105. fall's first gift . . cool nights and marshmallow happiness

(thanks, Em, for all the great pics XO)

holy experience

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