Spiritual Schizo

Inspired by a backwards look at Romans 7

Who are you
and what did you do with me?

You are calm when life screams all around you
Me runs FASTER, delusional, thinking she can somehow keep up

You smile and hug your kids when they annoy you
Me says what comes to mind, harsh and unfeeling, and apologizes later

You wake up and smile at the day anticipating His surprises
Me forgets that He exists, or at least cares, and stumbles into another 24 . . striving, weary

You meet trial with strength from Another
Me runs and hides, hoping it might pass by

You are filled with hope for the future
Me is full of anxiety . . pessimism at what might be

You live with the freedom of a child
Me is old beyond her years, burdened with the failures of her past, the pressures of her present, and the "what ifs" of her future

You love who you are because that is who you know your Creator fashioned you to be
Me compares, conceals, contrives, competes . . never satisfied, always lacking

You are much nicer to be around, because you take so little notice of yourself
Me lives at the center of her world. She is the axis of the wheel and filters all of life, hers and everyone else's, through her narrow paradigm

I like you much better than me. I want to see more of you. Me wants to too

Funny how I find you when I look for Him

He knows you and me very well. He made you and me. He loves both of us

He invites you to come, rest, and learn

And me too