Still Counting

I come here with a full heart but a weary mind. The days have been full to overflowing with life as normal and then some.  They (who is "they" anyway?) say life's biggies come in threes. It sure seems to be true. We'll be moving to a rental in the long, longed for countryside in less than three weeks. I'm busy with my senior son, looking toward the future, college applications, and balancing guidance and freedom. Helping daughter prepare for opportunities that will potentially fulfill dreams. My love turns 50 this weekend, and I'm planning a celebration with family and friends.

And then there's the holidays.

Holy days. Every one is really. I want to live them like that. Busy or bored. Opening each like the sacred gift it is.

Oh, Lord. May my mindset reflect Yours. Focused not on my earthbound circumstances and abilities but on Your might, power, love, and provision.

Still my heart, as I lift my thanks . .

147. my sweet boys delivering my favorite candies to me as they sort through their loot
148. overwhelmed by blessings not burdens
149. God's loving faithfulness to reveal hidden actions and hearts
150. timely, encouraging, and fitting words given and received
151. cloudless, blue skies
152. blazing leaves
153. cold nights
154. hot coffee
155. God's clear direction for new home
156. reuniting with old friends
157. knowing friendships will change but strengthen as we move
158. hard lessons that test and the faith to trust
159. the security of knowing He already knows what He is going to do
160. the incomparable joy of seeing children make good choices
161. redemption and grace when they don't
162. USNA homecoming, kids, and friends
163. meeting and sharing with the incredible women of Relevant
164. divine appointments
165. my husband's arms . . the safest place in this world
166. celebrating life: Em's 16th and Jeff's 50th!

holy experience