i'm not afraid of robbers
Or rapists
Or earthquakes
Or fire

i trust
My Father is creator of man, universe, and elements

So why do I fear tomorrow?
Where to go? To live?
What to do?
Who to talk to?

If He holds thunder in His hand
Can He not hold my heart?
If He spoke all into being
Can He not direct my days?

In the face of eternity, i sit in serenity
For i am but a breath
Help me remember how small i am
So I stop trying to steer this life
And enjoy the ride

Then i will count it all joy when trials come
Then i will say in truth, there is nothing on earth i desire

Besides You

Counting His gifts to me . . the object of His desire!

167. fresh snow
168. skeleton trees
169. "little" one who still starts his morning in my lap
170. how numbering our days makes us wise
171. leftover Christmas decor (it's so pretty with the snow)
172. the way snow STOPs life in Virginia
173. big boys gearing up to help their dad shovel snow . . without being asked
174. blackouts and sitting around the table, all seven of us ('cuz it's cold and dark everywhere else), eating cheese and crackers, drinking wine, playing silly games and laughing till it hurts
175. Ben saying, "We should have blackouts more often."
176. "Love you" text from 21 yr old son
177. my iPad
178. cold morning and steamy, sweet breath of cows eating breakfast
179. little blue bird on my window that reminds me each morning of the creator whose "eye is on the sparrow" and me
180. time to be with
181. wi-fi
182. chicken Alfredo
183. stone walls
184. trials that produce patience
185. mice in the pantry that produced organization
186. healthy food to feed family
187. strong shelter
188. timely words
189. sleeping in on Saturdays
190. buds on trees
191. spring teasing us with warm days
192. quiet country road
193. new friendships
194. hope