There's beautiful music playing. I don't usually notice it sitting here in this waiting room every other week. One hour. Usually spent reading, scheduling, writing. But today I'm tired. So tired I just make myself at home. Put my feet up on the coffee table. Head back. Eyes closed.

Then I hear it. Soft strains. Complexity. Beauty. Here amidst a cacophony of sounds. Doors open and close. Water cooler hums on and off and on and off. People walking. Talking. Wondering about the strange lady on the couch with her feet up. Head back. Eyes closed.

I'm tempted to sit up. Open my eyes and behave in customary waiting room fashion. Oblivious to all. So why not with my eyes closed? Besides, there is beautiful music playing.

So I ignore my heart's start each time a door opens, a passerby walks by. And I listen. Hard. Through the noise, humming, embarrassment. Because there is beautiful music playing.

And the beauty and complexity give me hope. Multitudes of sounds in perfect synchronization. A masterpiece.

The longer I listen the less I care. Distractions fade. My soul is rapt. I sense my Master's peace. And when I open my eyes.

There is beautiful music playing.