I've been thinking about the Israelites and how God revealed Himself in such unmistakable ways to them, yet they still struggled with trusting Him.

Imagine being trapped between the Red Sea and Pharoah's approaching army. I'm sure many despaired and prepared to die. Some would have looked to their own meager resources. "Can we defend? Escape?"

But others must have remembered how God had delivered them from the plagues and the angel of death. How He had plundered the Egyptians on their behalf. How just last night He had led them with a pillar of fire and today a cloud. And in the remembering their hearts must have been strengthened. Fear dissipated. And expectancy fill their minds . . "What will our God do now?!"

In the tight spaces of life, I usually look first to my resources, and when those are exhausted I tend to despair. But I want to be like the few who remembered. Who recounted to their own hearts and others' demonstrations of God's love and redemption in their lives. Who focused not on their circumstances but on the size and might and love of their God. I want to live grateful for the past, trusting in the present, and expectantly for the future.

"What will my God do now?"