Thirty Days of Thanks - Day 11: Paradigm Shift

Emy and I live in different stratospheres. Operate from opposite paradigms. Speak different languages.

When she asked earlier this week about having some friends over to celebrate her birthday with a bonfire, I said sure. "Some" friends. I picture a handful. Five, maybe six. Anything more would be a crowd. Way too much social obligation for me.

But that's my paradigm. I should know better by now.

So yesterday morning when I asked Em how many friends were coming over so I could plan dinner, she replied "Um, it's around twenty-five now. But I haven't heard back from everyone yet."

(insert calm, relaxed, Lamaze breathing noise)

I'm learning through all this thanks-giving to appreciate things I'd otherwise grumble about. As I deny myself the indulgence of complaining, I'm forced to reevaluate my circumstances.

And I'm seeing much to be thankful for.

56. 17 years with my girl
57. her beautiful world
58. her immense capacity for relationships
59. her generous heart
60. how her life is a testimony to His love
61. celebrating her with Bible study friends and cupcakes

62. party of five twenty-five

63. helping hands
64. red wine
65. so many friends, old and new
66. learning to love bigger

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