Thirty Days of Thanks - Day 15: Pay Attention

"I doubt there is such a thing as a measure of spirituality - but if there is, 
gratitude would be it.
Only the grateful are paying attention.
They are grateful because they pay attention, 
and they pay attention because they are so grateful."

~M. Craig Barnes, The Pastor as Minor Poet, quoted by Douglas Wilson, quoted by Ann Voskamp (quoted by me)

What a delightful circle of cause and effect. As opposed to the vicious circle of complaining and discontent.

I don't need to look far, when I learn to give thanks for everything. The thanks-giving reveals blessings otherwise hidden.

And gratitude invades my heart.

106. dirty dishes
107. and food to eat
108. clothes on the floor
109. and all the boys that wear them
110. balls, video games, shoes everywhere
111. and the energy that makes this house buzz
112. more books than time to read
113. and minds capable of learning
114. steps on the stairs that interrupt my quiet
115. and give me a chance to share it with Joe . . just the two of us
116. his smile when we're done
117. and "I love you, Mama"
118. a "to do" list that grows faster than it shrinks
119. and all the people in my life "to do" for
120. this list and how it makes me pay attention

Thanks to the readers who shared their thanks in the comments. I apologize to you who had trouble posting and have included those who contacted me via Facebook in the drawing. And the winner of One Thousand Gifts is . . . Barbara!

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