Thirty Days of Thanks - Day 16: Small

This day has been a small one

I feel small

up to the tasks 
this life
in front of me

But You say 
don't despise 
the day 
of small things

So with 
small faith 
I take 
small steps 
with a 
small hope 
that something
some small things 
may over time


Trusting in God and offering 
small thanks . .

121. dance of steam off my cup of tea
122. flicker of flame
123. comfort of heat
124. skeleton trees
125. shiny, grey clouds
126. stillness
127. a hug
128. a meal
129. a word
130. a verse
131. that convicts
132. and hopefully leads to change
133. a son coming home
134. meatloaf
135. mashed potatoes 
136. laughter around our table

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