Thirty Days of Thanks - Day 24: Thankful (in everything)

I just erased half my post. After working on it for almost an hour.


Is screaming complaining?!

"In everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 
~I Thessalonians 5:18


Okay, thank you (low groan). It's not always easy.

Today has been a normal day. Busy. I'm tired and uninspired. But thankful.

Especially because I am seeing things I wouldn't have otherwise.

If I wasn't deliberately looking and giving thanks.

Even on normal, busy, tiring and uninspiring days.

Having a hard time giving thanks? Check out this video.

277. words
278. waking to sunshine
279. Jeff
280. Josh
281. Daniel
282. Emily
283. Ben
284. Joe
285. Mom
286. Dad
287. that I get to spend today with six of them
288. a visual history of my dad's life through photos posted on Facebook . . thanks, Trish!

So cute!

At Brooklyn Heights Park (he's the little gangsta' in the middle).

"Up On the Roof" of their Brooklyn apartment with his dad and two of his sisters. They used to celebrate up there . . too cool!

Em's helping me out today. She's thankful for . . 

289. piano
290. Mandisa CD
291. Joe
292. Ben's laugh
293. stacks of books
294. writing new songs
295. tape
296. shiny stickers
297. Petey
298. boys' shoes all lined up
299. Ben's excitement when getting ready to play a basketball game
300. Van Gogh's "The Harvest"

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