Thirty Days of Thanks - Day 25: Incognito

301. chatting in bed
302. encouragement from my hero
303. strong coffee
304. another cup
305. morning buzz in the kitchen
306. more basketball
307. cranberry cakes

308. dirty dishes and sunshine

309. Celebrating a grandnephew's birth . . 

310. a wonderful girl's birthday . . 

311. and my brother-in-law's too!
312. Daniel's first Minnesota snow

312. reuniting with old friends
313. making new ones
314. cousins
315. hot tea
316. tucking boys in to cozy flannel sheets

But I know not everyday is a party.

I think the most misunderstood thing about gratitude, thanks giving, is that it's only for the good stuff.

This part of my list is dedicated to things I am truly grateful for. Bad things that have touched my life or the life of someone I love.

And made us better.

317. heart attacks
318. illness
319. death
320. betrayal
321. break ups
322. depression
323. troubled teens

324. this song

325. His mercies in disguise


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