Thirty Days of Thanks - Day 26: Even When It Stinks

I washed my face with Eau de Stinkbug this morning.

Apparently one was hiding out. When I smothered my face in a nice hot washcloth, I was greeted with his scent. I guess he didn't appreciate the steam bath I gave him. That's okay 'cuz I didn't appreciate his scent under my nose.

So I suppose we're even.

That has nothing to do with giving thanks. Except that it made for a good laugh. For Jeff. 

And to remind me to give thanks all the time. Even when it stinks.

So if you can't think of anything to give thanks for today, you can be thankful that you didn't wake up like I did. And maybe for a good laugh too.

You're welcome.

326. all the mornings my nice hot washcloth smelled good

327. anticipating Daniel coming home

328. dressing fine with Papa

329. our church Emmaus
330. giving thanks and feasting with them today
331. that it takes twenty minutes to leave
332. the love of friends
333. a cancellation and unexpected space in our day
334. football
335. grey sky
336. drifting in and out of consciousness on the couch
337. smell of leaves
338. stillness of cows in the pasture

339. a husband who loves God
340. a few minutes today . . 
341. and a week off work to spend together
342. an empty house
343. God's kindness
344. and mercy
345. the cross & salvation
346. grace
347. hope
348. His promise
349. His favor
350. His love
351. everything He's done for me

There are just a few more days before Thanksgiving, and I have an idea.

I know many of you have found me through Facebook, and I am really thankful you've visited! Why not post something(s) you're thankful for on your wall today and each day through Thursday? If you do, would you please post it on my wall too? I'd love to hear from you!

Giving thanks is contagious, and what a great thing to catch! So "sneeze" your thanks all over the internet. Maybe we'll start an epidemic.

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