Thirty Days of Thanks - Day 27: Say "Thank You"

Say "thank you."

I must have said it a thousand times. That and "say please."

Not long after we teach our children to say "momma" and "daddy," to wave hello and bye-bye, we teach them to say "thank you."

To give thanks.

Why? Perhaps it's because we recognize how fundamental gratitude is to relationship.

We establish relationship. Presence. Then thanks.

Jesus thought saying thank you was important too. The book of Luke (chapter 17, verses 11-19) tells a story of Him healing ten lepers.

And in doing so, giving them back their lives.

Their personhood and all the relationships they were ostracized from . . father, mother, siblings, friends.

Presence and the ability to be in someone else's. Someone to welcome. "Hello." And someone to say goodbye to. For just a time, instead of forever.

But one. Only one returned to say "thank you."

I think he's the one who was really healed. Not just skin deep. The evidence of a deeper healing was his effort. He came back. His soul had to express. To acknowledge and give back. To give thanks.

And Jesus asked him where the other nine were. Why didn't they come back to say thanks?

He knew that giving thanks brings things full circle. Brings the giver and the recipient into full relationship. And that was why He came. Relationship.

Such a simple thing.

"Thank you."

For . . . 

352. beauty

353. and how she calls me mom

354. my friend Jodi and her wonderful blog Curious Acorn
355. Emy's love for her brothers

356. a day in Old Town with my parents
357. our library

358. kids who love books

358. coffee love

359. Italian sodas
360. brothers
361. and chess

362. shutterbugs

363. the way the boys get so affectionate when they like what I'm making for dinner
364. Polar Express
365. red licorice
366. and hot tamales
367. "thin places" and this post (click here for some beautiful thoughts on thanks giving)

Ben's giving me a hand tonight . . 

368. basketball
369. showers
370. music
371. my dog
372. books
373. "Black Ops"
374. family
375. Thanksgiving food
376. my sister

377. laughter

So say . .

378. "thank you"

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