Thirty Days of Thanks - Days 19, 20, & 21: Catching Up

Seeing how I have 78 things to give thanks for, I'm not going to spend a lot of time explaining my absence the last few days. I'll just say this, reliable internet is NOT a good reason to move to the country.

Over the last 21 days, many of you have shared your experiences with giving thanks. So I begin my thanks today with your words, for which I am very thankful.

154. [Counting] has opened my eyes to the many gifts God gives us daily
155. Counting is transforming my life.
156. A heart beats with a pulse of thankfulness . . counting is making that pulse stronger.
157. I love this gratitude practice. It's changed my life.
158. I am close to 400 with my counting.
159. I am continually surprised at how my outlook has improved since making a list of things I am grateful for. The simplest seemly mundane things take on new life and appreciation. Such joy!
160. I was amazed at how much closer [counting] brought me to God, through recognizing His blessings and giving Him the credit for those, I felt His encompassing presence surrounding and comforting me.

Thank you to all those who shared. I hope many of those reading are inspired by your testimonies to begin counting and giving thanks. It really is transforming! Here's a link to help you get started: Gratitude Journal

At the beginning of this personal challenge I mentioned I might enlist the help of my family as the days' "count" grew greater.

The time has come.

So from Jeff, when asked what he is thankful for . .

161. You (as in me :D)
162. hot chocolate on a cold day
163. house scented with food when I come in
164. fresh basil (I did not know he liked basil)
165. a date with my wife
166. drive in the country
167. beauty of outdoors
168. child's laugh
169. yard art
170. work
171. rest
172. massage
173. human touch
174. farmer's market
175. roosters crowing
176. car that starts

And Ben . .

177. bacon
178. basketball
179. chocolate milk
180. my mom
181. sleep
182. friends

From Sam . .

183. video games
184. candy
185. whipped cream
186. ice cream (I see a theme developing)
187. strawberry milkshakes (yep, definitely)
188. cereal
189. my friends
190. dogs
191. pie
192. books
193. cherries
194. my Bible
195. Big Bear

And Joe . .

196. my family
197. music
198. all our friends
199. hardships I've had to go through
200. books
201. church
202. Bible studies
203. sports
204. the Bible
205. that Jesus died on the cross for us

And Em . .

206. colorful mugs
207. candles
208. eggs
209. Ben
210. dance class
211. pointe shoes
212. grapes
213. clean feeling after a shower
214. the way dirt glitters on the sidewalk
215. pillows
216. sparkly eye shadow
217. water bottle
218. clean water
219. Ben's hair in the morning
220. Sammy's laugh
221. Joe's guitar playing
222. visiting with Kisha
223. Tino's curly red hair
224. Toy Story 3
225. Food Lion
226. Blue Ridge Studio
227. House of Light
228. sweatpants
229. music box
230. tutus
231. stretching

Thanks, guys!

I'll be back tomorrow with more of my thanks!

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