I remember taking care of my first baby doll and what a joy it was.

I remember new school supplies and the anticipation and delight of using them to study.

I remember getting my own room and how much fun it was to clean and organize it.

I remember my first dorm room and how great it was setting up "house" for the first time.

I remember our first apartment and the excitement of getting up at the crack of dawn to cook a hot breakfast for my new husband.

I remember our first Christmas together and loving all the preparation and decoration for our neighborhood open house.

I remember waiting for my new baby to wake up from his nap so I could take care of him.

I remember . . .



in the face of a lot of hard work.

I didn't know cynicism (that thief).

Could it really be that simple? A matter of choice? A matter of heart?

Of trust?

Of gratitude?

I need to remember.

(I remember Christmas 2002)