Sister Blogs: Curious Acorn

I knew I would like her when I read her blog's name,

"Curious Acorn . . never stop learning

Just the sound drew me in, and what a place I found! In this vast world of blogging, some bloggers stand out right away. They combine photos, design, and authentic words to paint a picture of a personality you feel like you know in real life after just a few reads. Jodi's blog was like that.

I found her in my early blogging days, probably giving thanks over at Ann's. She was quick to offer encouraging comments, a balm and blessing in blogging. Kind of like a momma blogger cheering on a newbie.

I've followed her since. She's a few steps further down the road of life than me, and I find courage watching her walk the paths I'm just starting to know . . children moved round the world, grandbabies, and life in the autumn years. From all appearances, she's walking it well.

So go visit my friend Jodi. Enjoy her skill at finding beauty in the commonplace. She doesn't know you're coming but will be so glad you did. That's the nicest thing about blogs, no invitation needed. The door is always open. And I just know Jodi will be so glad to see you.

And when you visit, please be sure to let her know you did. Comments are kind of like leaving your calling card. Enjoy Jodi & Curious Acorn!

Each Thursday I will "highlight" one of my favorite Sister Blogs. My hope is to create a community where we cheer each other on and broaden one another's reach by sharing the blogs of those who have enriched our lives with their words. Join me?