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Hope with Feathers Blog

I'm very excited to introduce you to my blog and real life friend Kristen Kill and her beautiful blog, Hope With Feathers. Kristen blogs about life in a two bedroom apartment with her husband and four young children in New York City. She writes about grace-filled parenting, creating a culture of beauty in her home and homeschool, and adventures with her family in the city. 

My daughter, Emily, and I have had the privilege of visiting Kristen and her precious family twice now. You would be amazed at how she manages her bustling, young family in such a small space. And it's so beautiful (she's posted photos under her "Nesting" tab)! Every time I'm there, I'm determined to: 1) never again complain about not enough space, 2) go home and get rid of tons of stuff, and 3) laugh & hug my kids 10X more! In the midst of a family and home that literally buzzes with activity, Kristen demonstrates a lightness of spirit and joy that is inspiring.

Recently, Kristen journaled her miscarriage experience in a series of posts entitled "Writing Grief." She struck a chord as was evident by the numerous responses she received both on her blog and Facebook. Her vulnerability and transparency powerfully connected with many women about an often overlooked loss and sorrow.

Kristen's blog demonstrates the heart of what's best in blogging . . authenticity, generosity, joy, and beauty. I really do hope you take a couple minutes and stop by. As her byline reads, she's "Feathering a nest in the big city"  and it's the coziest place I've found in NYC yet.

You can find Kristen here.

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