Sister Blogs: Imperfect Prose

When I first started my blog almost two years ago, it was an intimidating venture. Publishing heartfelt thoughts for you and "who knows else" to read made my heart beat out of my chest everytime I hit “Publish Post.” 

I wasn’t long into blogging when I discovered an unexpected surprise. A wonderful surprise! People. Wonderful people. Specifically, some incredible women with hearts of gold, a passion for God, and genuine love for their readers.

Emily Wierenga was one of the first of these great ladies. I met Emily giving thanks over at A Holy Experience. Her blog instantly intrigued me with her unique style of writing, ethereal music, life photos, and raw honesty. 

Emily is an accomplished artist, musician, published author, speaker, and mama to two plus two little boys. For all her accomplishments, if I had to use only one word to describe Emily it would be encourager.

Anyone who blogs, especially someone just starting out knows that comments are like air in the blogging world. Emily left generous, heartfelt words on my posts that made me smile and gave me courage to continue blogging.

A huge part of Emily’s influence on my blog and many others was the community link up she created called “Imperfect Prose On Thursdays.” It was an invitation to link a post however imperfect. As I visited the posts of others who had linked, I realized I was not the only one Emily was encouraging. She had visited practically every post and left encouraging words each time.

Recently, Emily stopped hosting this link up. God and life had offered new opportunities that would require more time and attention . . more of her than ever before. Besides having received a contract for a book she's writing that tells her story of battling an eating disorder, Emily and her husband brought two little boys into their lives adding to their own biological two. Overnight, she became the mother of four. Even a quick look at her blog will reveal the challenge and joy of this new journey.

I could go on and on about Emily, but I have a house to paint ;) Please visit her and explore her blog (click on the photo below). I think you will be enriched.

And please say a prayer. 

Every Thursday I'm featuring one of my favorite "Sister Blogs". My hope is to create a community where we cheer each other on and broaden one another's reach by sharing the blogs of those who have enriched our lives with their words. Join me?

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