Sister Blogs: Us Plus Four

"And a little child shall lead them."

Us Plus Four is the family blog of Bethany. Here she writes with transparency about the day in and out of raising her brood, sharing stunning photos, giving thanks, and telling stories along with adorable quips and quotes.

Bethany seems to me a bit of a treasure hunter, always looking for the precious and profound within her four walls. Her oldest, Jane, is my hero. She has a wisdom beyond her years, and I'm often stunned by her insights.

My "baby" is nine now. I visit Bethany's blog and am reminded of how precious little children are. Funny. Challenging. Wise. Bethany's eye for beauty challenges me to keep looking for the daily treasures in my home full of teens. Her blog reminds me too that, as overused as the phrase may be, time flies. I don't want to miss the treasure.

Us Plus Four is soon to be five. Bethany's profile reads "Momma always said, 'Make your own fun.' I guess this is what she meant." I love it!

Thank you for sharing so honestly, Bethany. Anyone who visits your blog will be the richer for it.

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