Quotes to Ponder

"We are hungry for authenticity and vulnerability, not churchified life hacks from lady magazines. Some of us are drowning, suffocating, dying of thirst for want of the cold water of real community. We're trying really hard - after all, we keep showing up to your lady events and we leave feeling just a  bit empty. It's just more of the same every time." ~Sarah Bessey, In which I write a letter to Womens' Ministry

This article challenges me and makes me think hard about what I'm writing and teaching.

"Be. Don't just do." ~JoAnn at Ostriches Look Funny

"Nothing kills patience like being solely focused on the object of your desire. And tragically, impatience becomes the breeding ground for compromise." ~Lysa TerKeurst at (in) courage

"Jesus is my life. Jesus is my heart. Jesus is my salvation." ~Judith, a rich-poor Haitian woman

"Before me, even as behind, God is, and all is well." ~John Greenleaf Whittier

Quoted by Jennifer Dukes Lee at The High Calling

"Let children sing . . why drown their joy, stifle their voice, just because you've lost yours?"
~Church Bells, Gungor

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