My Sanctuary

A waiting room
Anonymity my comfort
Listening still
To the sounds in my head
No distractions
No dishes, dirt, clutter
Not even a stack of magazines
A couch, two chairs, a table
And my thoughts

A rocking chair
On my porch
The one on the side
Where the wind flows up the mountain
And through my hair
Like kisses blown from heaven
Butterflies play on the hilly meadow before me
Birds soar on the gusts above
And my soul breathes deep

His arms
Face pressed tight against his broad chest
Might I just disappear into this love?
This strength
Years of tested and tried commitment
Make for such security
This union
Strong and tall
I rest in its shade

Their smiles
And laughter
And struggles
And tears
Our talks
The joy of growth
Truth embraced
Their embraces true
My children

Her friendship
She has many names
A cup of coffee shared
"How are you?"
Hearts open
Joys, fears, hopes spill out
We can laugh at trials here
And pray
This is where courage is put in

My sanctuary
It's wherever my feet lead
It must be
Otherwise my soul suffers
Discontent and yearning
Chasing after
A lifelong mirage
My sanctuary
Is here