My Niche

niche [nich] - a place or a position suitable or appropriate for a person or thing; a distinct segment of a market

Pro-bloggers will tell you that finding your niche in the blogging world is fundamental to success. Who is your reader? Who are you writing for? Who are you talking to? The answer to these questions defines your niche.

Simple, right? You'd think so, but a unique factor of cyberspace is it's anonymity. My stats can tell me how many people have visited a specific post and assumedly read said post (I'm an optimist), but they don't tell me who those people are? Occasionally a reader will leave a comment which may give me a clue as to something about them, but comments represent a small minority of who is reading.

My Type-A self could get really stuck here, but the truth is I write first for myself. It just feels good and helps me make sense of things. Then I write for God. I believe He gives each of us certain passions and, ideally, corresponding gifts to express those passions. It's our privilege and duty to use those for His glory. Lastly, I write to encourage women. But not just any woman.

I write for women who fight the discouragement that comes from the seeming chasm between their ideals and their reality. Women like me.

I want to meet them right there and fill that hollow place full with hope.

Hope. Not more ideals, dressed up spiritual. But hope that enters life as it is, sits down, and says "Hope is here," and "Hope is here."

Hope. Not in more strategies, deep breaths, and refocused efforts. But hope that offers rest. Found in surrender. Delivered by love.

Hope that endures. Suffers. Rejoices. Trusts.

The hope of God's love for women expressed through the Gospel and that beautiful place where it intersects our "right here" reality.

I suppose this is my niche. If it sounds a little bit like you, welcome.

"There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off." ~Proverbs 23:18

"We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure." ~Hebrews 6:19