The Throne Room (just a thought)


"I'm in here."

"Mommmmaaa." I hear Daniel calling again.

"I'm in the bathroom, Daniel," I reply, as I try to hurry up and finish my business.

What is wrong with this picture? I am taking a moment for the necessary, but yet I feel compelled to rush and finish when I hear my twenty year old son calling through the house looking for me.

Welcome to a mom's life.

Talk to any mom for a while who has a child older than two and you're likely to hear a similar scenario . . the child that follows her into the bathroom, sits on her lap while she uses the bathroom, stands at the door of the bathroom, fights with a sibling outside the door of the bathroom. Unbelievable!

Or is it a picture (humorous, yes) of a mom's heart? That even the sanctity of the private throne would be sacrificed for the love of her children.

Such sacrifice may be a little overboard. Mom probably needs to "indulge" herself now and then and lock the door, turn on the fan, and take her time. But even so, I think it demonstrates just how deep a mom's willingness to care for her children goes.

Whether they're two or twenty. 

Just a thought.