Thirty Days of Thanks: Day 7 - A Good Day


Thanking God for . . 

22. a husband who knows and cherishes my heart
23. breakfast out with said husband
24. Christmas lights and decorations in Home Depot that made me feel 6 years old again

25. back garage door friends
26. the wisdom, advice, and encouragement of Holley Gerth & Squee!
27. chili mac & dinner conversation with three of my favorite people (Ben, Joe, & Sam Hyland)
28. keeping friends in the path of Sandy safe

Thirty Days of Thanks is a challenge I make to myself each year to countdown to the holidays by giving thanks every day . . thanks for one thing the first day, two the second, three the third, all the way to giving thanks for thirty things on the thirtieth dayIf you'd like to read more about why I do it or want to join me, click here.