Thirty Days of Thanks: Day 14 - Just Thanks

God, thank you for . . 

1. red barns

2. the smell of woodsmoke

3. the way You reach for me

4. my $12 vintage buffalo plaid Woolrich jacket, favorite mug, and a cold morning

5. the morning sky

6. Sam's (our resident ten year old Origami/Scherenschnitte master) snowflakes

7. applewood smoked bacon, pumpkin pancakes, and pomegranates and applewood smoked bacon and bacon smoked with applewood

8. my girl . . 

9. . . and her blog

10. my "I Voted" sticker and all it represents

11. talks with Ben on the way to basketball practice

12. Siri, my iPhone, and kids at college who like to text

13. herbed beef stew and good bread

14. a good book and some time to enjoy it


Thirty Days of Thanks is a challenge I make to myself each year to countdown to the holidays by giving thanks every day. If you'd like to read more about why I do it or want to join me, click here.

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