Just A Moment

We were in Jeff's favorite place. Home Depot.

"I need to look at a tool."

"Okay," I said. "I'll be over here in the Christmas stuff."

I walked into the wonderland slowly.

Slow enough to feel the little girl heart of me race a bit. I wanted to savor the awe I remembered so well and could just barely feel now. 

I got out my better "eyes".  The ones that capture a moment and let me breathe it in deep. In other words, I snapped pics with my iPhone.

Focusing in close, so the glitter and color became all that is in the moment.

"It's Santa!" I heard a little girl exclaim.

Her "pop pop" pulled the cart slowly through the Christmas display.

"Look there." He pointed to an inflatable high on the shelves, as he fed his granddaughter's wonder.

"It's Santa coming out of the tree house."

"Wait, wait, wait," the little girl begged, trying to slow the moment. To stay in the moment. "It's a Nutcracker!" 

Stay in the moment. 

Maybe that's the difference between a child's experience of Christmas and mine.

A child lives in the moment, so the moment is fully hers. 

In all it's beauty, wonder, and glittery magic.

There are only 14 days till Christmas.

So . . .

And fully receive the gift of every beautiful, wonderful, glittery, magic moment.