You're Invited!

You may remember that I hosted the (in) Real Life event at my house last April. It didn't turn out anything like I'd expected, and I wrote about it on my blog. 

Saturday I hosted an (in)Real Life meetup . . well kinda. You know, the one I’ve been planning, posting, and Facebooking about for a month now. The one I talked to all my friends about, invited the ladies from my Bible study to, announced in church. The one I prayed over, planned for, got way more creative than is normal for me, stayed up way too late to prepare for, woke up way too early Saturday morning cause I was so excited . . . 

This post is being featured at (in) Courage today :D

Go here to read the rest and find out how you can register for this year's (in) Real Life Conference

It's FREE, and if you live anywhere near Winchester, VA I hope you can join us here! There are meet-ups literally across the world, and you can even host your own! (Just check your internet connection first ;)