Emy's Adventure Story

The word "dream" tends to give the impression of perfection. 

"He's a dream."

"A dream vacation"

"It was like a dream."

In any of those instances, the word "perfect" could be

substituted and the idea would remain the same.

But is this idea of "dream-like perfection" really all it's 

cracked up to be?

I came across these words the other day. Their from my 

daughter and were penned as the caption for a very "dreamy" 

photo from a recent photo shoot she did.

Emy is a model, actress, and singer/songwriter. This has been 

and is her dream. 

But she'd be the FIRST to tell you her dream coming true has

been nothing near "perfection". 

She says it best, so I'll let you read her words. 

The Purple Fern Photography

Like a dream. 

Sometimes I imagine what I'd like my life to be, what I'd look like, how I'd act, what people I'd be closest to, how I'd love and receive love. When all is said and done that life is lovely. 

And boring. 

The fairytale in my head comes stock-full of realized dreams, passions, perfect relationships, no struggle, no loss, no pain, no regrets, no consequences, no growth. 

I begin and end as a perfect being, not desiring growth or challenges because, "My life is fine, why do I need it?"

Who reads such an unexciting tale?

I feel loss, condemnation, anxiety, stress, struggle, hurt, regret, depression, anger, sadness, selfishness, joy, purpose, ambition, inspiration, fulfillment, overcoming, thankfulness, friendship, and love on a daily basis. 


Imperfect human.

Imperfect, beautiful story. 

Glory through redemption.

An adventure story.

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