Why We Need YOUR Dream

If you can


A lion without a roar

Spring without daffodils

Starbucks without Caramel Macchiatos

A girl without giggles 

YOU without your dreams


YOU with no dreams




Because your dreams are more than just pie-in-the-sky, Disney princess fluff

Your deep desires, passions, gifts, and dreams are as unique as your fingerprint 

Just as inseparable 

And as necessary as YOU

And YOU are necessary 

For such a time as this

Of all the times in history and places in the world

God chose to put you exactly where you are today

And there are people who need YOU and the unique influence of your dream

Your dream is meant to come true

It may not look exactly like you imagined it

It may change over time

It may take longer than you thought it would to become reality

Nevertheless, your dream is an integral part of who you are 

Just like your personality

And it's meant to happen

There are a million reasons why it won't be easy

But it's not supposed to be 

Any easier than growing up is

Because just like YOU

Dreams grow

Oak sapling
photo credit: Seth_K

Into all they were meant to be

Oak Tree
photo credit: Rob Young

One more thing

Following your dream ISN'T selfish

It's anything but

Because your dream is your contribution

When you walk away, your dream stays

Its impact keeps impacting

Its memory keeps influencing

Like the strength of a lion's roar

photo credit: iam_photography

Like the beauty of yellow daffodils in spring

photo credit: Blixt A.

Like the sweet warmth of caramel and coffee

Soy Caramel Macchiato
photo credit: bkajino

Like the joy of giggling girls

giggling gerties
photo credit: beccaplusmolly

YOU and your DREAM

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