She calls with news that makes my heart leap. The stories she tells give me goosebumps times two. 

I see His hand all over her life. Favor. Success.

And I'm happy for her.

No jealousy. 

Her path has led her by mine. Just in time for her to cheer me on in my dreams.

And now me in hers.

She spoke of Jonathan and David. And another whom she calls such.

Again I feel no envy, but happy to know she has a companion deserving of such a title.

Her passion challenges me.

To love with such devotion. Commitment. Abandon.

I feel it for her.

She is younger than me. But bolder too.

I sense a heart tie. Have from the beginning. 

Over coffee. We shared dreams and lives and family and history.

It's a mystery.

How this happens. This gift.

My friend.

Five Minute Friday