Be Brave

It's Five Minute Friday. And these are the rules . . 

Write for 5 minutes flat - no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking. Then hit publish (it's not for the faint of heart)!

Today's word is BRAVE

Ready, set, GO . . 

The times I thought I'd need it have come.

And gone.

And while I'm sure they'll come again, it's surprised me that I need it here.

The calendar of life events has never, EVER been as full as it is today.

In just two weeks, the week long celebration of our oldest's graduation from the Naval Academy begins.

We'll come home for a few days and then pack up for a trek halfway across the country to the wedding of our second son in South Dakota.

Headed home we will put the final plans together on my one and only daughter's wedding scheduled for 4 weeks later.

Throw into this mix a whole lot of celebrating with showers, lunches, balls, relatives and the rest of life with a family of eight, and I'm going to need it in droves . . . 


My head LITERALLY spins with the kajillion details, and if I'm not careful my brow furrows, my shoulders tighten, and my pulse races. 

THIS IS GOOD, I remind myself. 



ENJOY your harvest.


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