STILL My Hero!

Three months ago I wrote the tribute below to my hero, Shaun Steyaert.

Would you please say a prayer for Shaun and his family today?

They're spending their last precious hours together. In the words of his brave mom, Denise, "Our little champion is done fighting this battle."

You can read their story on Shaun's blog here.

Shaun is still my hero.

Shaun Steyaert is my hero.

He's only 1 1/2 years old, but he is the sweetest soul I've ever known. The kind that just emanates love when you are near. I've never experienced anything like it.

Shaun was born with an as yet undiagnosed genetic defect. He has two older brothers and an older sister who is in Heaven. She was born with the same defect that Shaun is now courageously fighting with his daddy, momma, and big brothers right by his side.

For the last couple months Shaun has been in and out of the emergency room weekly with extended stays. 

The requests for prayers and support come daily via email, Facebook and Shaun's blog, Shaun's Story

Shaun is surrounded by heroes . . 

A church family that has surrounded Shaun's family with love, meals, childcare, hugs, and prayer.

One family in particular . . the Wallaces. They opened their home and lives to their friends a month ago when the Steyaert's pellet stove malfunctioned and caused extensive smoke damage in the midst of all these hospital visits. The Steyaerts have lived with the Wallaces throughout this last month.

The Steyaert boys and Wallace girls

His big brothers. Oh, how these precious little boys love their little brother! They have been brave through the pain of being parted from their momma and Shaun.

Shaun's daddy. He has carried the burden of continuing to work, support his family, and be there when he can.

Denise. Shaun's momma. My friend. A ROCK. She has continued to keep a gratitude list . . a running list of the things she is thankful for throughout her trial, in the face of her fears, and in her weariness. She still smiles and laughs. And when she can make it to our Sunday school class, she humbles us all with her relentless faith.

Shaun was scheduled for a tracheotomy surgery yesterday. One of his many issues has been repeated pneumonia and congestion that his body just can't handle. He needs to breathe, and as difficult as the decision is, a tracheotomy will enable him to do that. 

But on Sunday he experienced two neurological episodes, and the doctors have postponed his surgery until they can assess what is going on.

Even as I type, I know my grasp and explanation of Shaun's medical situation is highly incomplete. I'm unsure what's going on much less how to describe it.

But what I am 100% sure of is this . . the whole Steyaert family is amazing.

And Shaun Steyaert is my hero.