The TOTALLY Possible Dream

A few months ago, I silenced my cynical self, took a risk and applied to be a part of a group of dreamers with author Holley Gerth. For six months we have cheered, prayed and encouraged one another along as we dared to dream 

Even as I write this, there's still a little part of me that hears the scoffers and cynics and my own old fears dressed up in cynicism. But those voices are only a whisper now, and I've learned by experience just how untrue they are.

Cynicism is a thief.

It offers an easy excuse to avoid risk and silence the threat of those who don't.

It feels safe, but is anything but. That is if you want to live wholeheartedly, boldly, fearlessly. The kind of living that when it comes to an end has no regrets.

I've learned to name my dreams. Speak them out loud. To prefer my heart and its God given desires over fear of failure. To feel the fear and do it anyway. I've learned to walk into places that I knew were bigger than me and would demand more than my own resources. I've learned to trust God.

And it's been AMAZING!

In April, one of my God-sized dreams came true as I hosted Winsome, a retreat for women, with ten of my best friends. It was beautiful, powerful, and life changing, for me as well as the 75+ women who attended. We're already dreaming about next year.

I'm in the middle of other dreams too. I hope to publish my book "An Imperfect Mom" later this year. And I have ideas for a non-profit that will raise awareness, prayer, and support for women who are victims of human sex trafficking.

And then there are other dreams coming true. Vicarious dreams as our oldest son, Josh begins his military career as a dive officer on a submarine. I remember the birth of that dream. It was somewhere around 11 years when Josh informed us he wanted to join the Marines. That dream morphed over the years into a dream to attend the Naval Academy. Josh set his sites and stayed focused through half a lifetime, and now he has achieved his dream.

We are driving on the PA Turnpike as I write this, making a 1215 mile trip to South Dakota for another dream come true. Our son Daniel has found the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with. He and Hilary will marry on Saturday and begin to dream together.

And then four weeks after we arrive home, Emily, our only daughter, will marry the man she dreamed of finding. Em and Ethan have lots of dreams including bringing God's light and love to the darkness of the music and entertainment industry through their band Emy&Ethan.

There's so much I've learned about dreaming. Much of it has come from the women I've walked with in the God-Sized Dream Team. They are incredible encouragers, brave, and gracious. I've even been able to meet a few of them and become "in real life" friends. 

Melissa Smallwood & I turned out to be neighbors!

I met up with Nasreen Fynewever in Minneapolis!

And I got to connect with Holley Gerth and lots more God-sized dreamers at Jumping Tandem in Nebraska!

You can read some of their collected stories hereHolley Gerth has mentored all of us generously and wisely. She's empowering hundreds of women to claim their God-sized dreams and equipping them with the practical knowledge to make those dreams come true. Her book "You're Made for a God-Sized Dream" is a step by step guide to this incredible adventure. You should read it! (I'm even hosting a study of it at Winsome Reads on Facebook, and you're welcome to join us!)

Of all the things I've learned, this stands out the most . . we are made to dream. 

Not just some of us, the lucky ones, or only the brave. But all of us! Every human being. And this is why. 

We were made in the image of the original dreamer. 

The One who by the power of His voice spoke His dream into existence, loved it and called it good, stood faithful by it when it faltered, sacrificed His only Son to save it, and never gave up. 

He still doesn't give up, and that's why you and I can dream bravely and with confidence. Those dreams in your heart were put there by Him! He cares about them as much as you do and wants to help you bring them to reality.

You are a HUGE part of my dream. I love to write and encourage, so when you come here and read, you complete the circle. Your comments and encouragement have kept me writing. Thank you!

Our God-Sized Dream Team group is coming to an end, but our dreams have just gotten started.

Join me? Let's . . 

. . together!