Yes, Comfort

I wasn't sure I'd join up today. I'm not even sure I'll post as I write this. 

I just finished reposting a tribute I wrote to my son's friend a few months ago as he was fighting for his life. He has been for a long time. His short little life.

Shaun is 23 months old today, and his family is gathering at a hospital in Virginia to say goodbye to him.

Comfort. Comfort? 

It seems the antithesis of their circumstance.

Is there comfort enough for a mother . . just days before we celebrate all she is . . to find comfort in the impending death of her son? A mother who has said goodbye once before to an infant child. I can't imagine, fathom enough comfort.

Yet she claims it. Through tears proclaims it. Offers scripture to those around her who mourn. 

She comforts! 


Because she has the Comforter. The one who faced death and overcame, so she could have hope. She surrenders in her pain to the incredible discomfort of death, loss and sorrow with the hope that in her tomorrow there will be comfort enough for the day. 

And the amazing hope of her precious son being embraced in the very arms of comfort.

(Please pray for my friend Denise, her son Shaun, and her family. You can read Shaun's story here)

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