He bursts by my open window. Flying and darting back and forth like some cocky bi-plane pilot. 

I'm struck by his size . . almost as big as a small bird. 


He circles around and I lean out the window trying to keep track of his course.

Then I notice. The goosebumps. Joy. Full deep breath. The lightness of my heart and smile on my face.

Thoughts rush in. Bits and pieces but cohesive in their heaven sent message.

I must resist the urge to make life small. 

Manageable. Practical.

Confined to a to do list and trying to squeeze everyone else into my small agenda.

That illusion is delusion, and it steals my days.

I'm not in control, because I'm not meant to be. That stress that steals my smile and my sleep isn't mine to manage.

I need to lean out more windows.

I want to go with the BIG. The joy. The spirit. The carefree freedom that's mine.

The wide open opportunity of every moment. 

Big breaths. Big smiles. Noticing the small. The wonder. The now.

Like a child. Wide-eyed. Laughing. Crying.