Ruffles & Lace

They didn't tell me about this part.

When she was tiny and dressed in ruffles, I would dream of the day she'd wear lace.

And it was all good.

She grew bigger and began to dream dreams of her own. Prince Charming entered the scene in those dreams years before he'd take the stage.

"Daddy who will I marry?"

And we smiled and anticipated the day we'd give her away.

That should've clued me in.

Give her away?!

But the ruffles, lace, and dreams of her finding love coated my imagination and hid the reality of all those three words would require.

Now here we are.

The night before her wedding.

Tomorrow is the day every little girl and her momma dream of.

Ruffles, lace, princess, charming . . and my aching heart.

Why in the world would I give away such a treasure?

God whispers . . 

She was yours for just a time. Yours to love. To care for. To laugh, cry, learn and grow with. But not yours to keep, hoard, hide. She is mine, and this is not only her choice but my plan for my daughter. It's good. Trust me. I will care for her. Be glad.

And I realize a momma's heart aches so often because it's stretched so wide.

I feel the familiar pull again. My heart relents and stretches wider than I thought it ever could.




And it's all good.