An Invitation to Live

"You have not lived today until you have done 
something for someone 
who cannot repay you."
~John Bunyan

When I first started blogging I had NO IDEA of the incredible community of writers, women, and generous souls I would be introduced to through social media.

Almost four years later, some of my dearest friends have entered my life through this adventure. I've stayed in their homes, met up with them when traveling, and been encouraged time and time again by the words they share.

One of these women is Kristi Griem. I met Kristi last October at Allume, a social media conference, where she was representing Freeset USA. Freeset is an organization dedicated to fighting human sex trafficking worldwide by providing jobs for women in India. After talking with Kristi and hearing more about Freeset, I knew I wanted to support this mission.

In April we were privileged to partner with Freeset and share their vision and products at Winsome! Those of you who attended saw and heard their story firsthand.

You may have heard about the UPS cargo plane crash last week in Alabama. The pilot and co-pilot were both killed. And Freeset lost its entire fall inventory valued at $150,000.

Here's where the generosity I mentioned earlier comes in.

"Freeset USA is selling a t-shirt to benefit the families of the two pilots who perished in the early morning crash. The shirt is $25 and is available in blue, red, white, gray and black.
'Our prayers and thoughts are with the families of the pilots that passed away in this tragedy,' says Kristi Griem, President of Freeset USA in a press release. 'We seek to honor them and their families in the face of this loss. We also are thinking about the women at Freeset, whose lives will be impacted from the loss of these bags, as it represents three months of work our 200 staff and we have lost the bags sales that represent the wages we would have sent for them to be paid'."

In the face of tremendous financial loss, Freeset USA is raising money to benefit the deceased pilots families (you can purchase the t-shirts here).

There's more. 

After hearing about this tragedy, Logan Wolfram, owner and host of Allume (remember . . that's where I met Kristi), started a fundraising campaign through Pure Charity to recoup Freeset's loss.

From the Pure Charity site:

"Because the shipment was lost in the crash, that means the $75,000 worth of continued operational revenue is lost too.  Insurance covers the cost of current shipments declared value; however, it does not cover the lost revenue from the projected sale of the bags.  This is what is used to keep operations and orders moving forward.  In order to make sure that Freeset USA can continue operations, and can continue to send orders to Freeset, we need your help."

Here's where you come in. Would you consider keeping this beautiful circle of generosity and care going and support Freeset in their work? 

Go here to see how you can help!

And live a little larger today.

UPDATE: Watch this video from Kristi Griem, President of Freeset USA, for an inspiring update!