Long Lasting

I want to last.

A long time.

My plan is to live till 105. I'm 44 years old now, so I am still on the uphill side if all goes as planned.

That's encouraging. Most days.

But there are days that I feel much older than almost half a century.

Physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Old in a groaning, moaning kind of way. Not wise and winsome like I hope to be.

If I'm going to last another 61 years, I better get my head in the right place.

And start living life as young as I am.

Waking with wonder.

Walking with desire. 

Working with delight.

Resting with trust.

Playing with abandon.

I want to last well as long as I last.

And in the end be all used up.

And absolutely full to overflowing with life and all the days I've lasted long enough to live.

That's me and my grandma in the pic. She lasted all the way through 85 years!

Five Minute Friday