Thirty Days of Thanks: Day 2~My Cup Overflows


Jeff and I are on the road.

We left Thursday afternoon to drive to Charleston, South Carolina and visit Josh. After seven hours of driving, we decided to call it a night and stay over in Charlotte, NC. On the way to our hotel we realized we were driving on the Billy Graham Parkway. Then we passed a sign for the Billy Graham Library.

I have a long history with Billy Graham. Along with millions of others who have been influenced by him, he is an important part of my spiritual history. My father met Jesus at the Billy Graham Crusade at Madison Square Gardens in 1957 when he was a teenager growing up in Brooklyn, NY.

We decided to check it out the next morning since it was so close. Best decision of the trip. 

Besides being beautiful, serene, and staffed with the warmest people you'll ever meet, the moment you walk into the big barn at the "foot of the cross" you are met with the love of God displayed through the Gospel story.

To be continued . .
Like I said we're on the road, and I'm just not on top of life enough to prepare posts ahead of time. This is real life, people!

So thankful for . .

~ a delicious dinner and beautiful day with Josh and Kim in Charleston

~ their engagement

~ Kim!

~ a comfortable hotel bed . . three nights, three hotels :/

 ~ the upcoming holidays and wedding!

We would worry less if we praised more. 
Thanksgiving is the enemy of discontent and dissatisfaction.
~Harry Ironside

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