Thirty Days of Thanks: Day 21~Thankful for Truth

I'm thrilled to be hosting Gindi Vincent today! She writes at Gindi's~A Refreshing Spot for Working Women of FaithGindi is sharing about the love of God and the power of TRUTH revealed in His word!

I had my thankfulness story ready to go.  It was an obvious one, really.  
My triplets just turned four.  
If you had asked me five years ago if I would have been a mother, I would have probably told you that I didn't think so.  That I was questioning my faith.  That I was so unsure after these years of heartache what the future held.  
But God. 
Those are the best buts.  
And so, in October 2009 we welcomed two boys and a girl into our home.  Our little space of two immediately filled up to overflowing with life.  

The month before Thanksgiving.  
So that was my thankfulness post for Kim.  Until God had other plans.  
The day I was set to turn in my Thirty Days of Thanks post, a woman posted on my blog asking for prayer that she would believe the unshakeable truth of God's word.  I had written that day about the TRUTH that God is Able.  And she wanted to believe it.  
I knew instantaneously that I had to write her.  I had to pray for her.  I had to share that He is TRUTH.  Every word that He says is true.  
So I jumped on to Bible Gateway (where I always jump when I want to find a scripture I'm searching for), and do you know what the verse of the day was featured on the home page?  Sit. Down.  
John 17: 17 - Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth.


She wanted to believe that God's Word was truth.  I wanted to tell her that it was.  And God did too.  
So this is my EVERY day of thanks:  I serve a BIG God.  A true God.  A God that still hears the deepest desires of our hearts.  To know Him.  To be known by Him.  To believe that He is true and what He says He will do.  THEN HE ANSWERS YOU.  
You want to know He is true?  Then He will send you (or one of His messengers) right to the spot in the Bible that says HE IS TRUE.  And then He will sanctify you with those words.  Sanctify is a fancy word, but this is what good old Webster's Dictionary says it means: 
To set apart for sacred use.
To consecrate.
To make holy.
To purify.

Oh friends, He wants to set us apart with the message that He Is True.  He wants to purify us from whatever it is you feel has made you unworthy.  

And He has done that for me.  He has set me apart.  He is making me holy.  

I am overwhelmed with gratitude when I think of that.  When I think of what I've done.  Where I could have been.  But He swooped in with His truth and His grace and answered and consecrated.  He made Himself known.  

I am thankful for my miraculous triplets.  I am thankful for my faithful husband of over seven years.  I am thankful for a million other things.  I am most thankful though for the unshakeable truth that is my God and the truth of His word.  

Gindi Vincent is a full time attorney for a global energy company, the mother of miraculous four year old triplets, and wife to her handsome, and patient, husband.  Her book, Learning to Lead, released earlier this year and she blogs daily for working women of faith at

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"Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, 
for His steadfast love endures forever!" 
~Psalm 107:1


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