Thirty Days of Thanks: Days 9 & 10~Pay Attention


I doubt there is such a thing as a measure of spirituality - 
but if there is, gratitude would be it. 
Only the grateful are paying attention. 
They are grateful because they pay attention, 
and they pay attention because they are so grateful.
~M. Craig Barnes, The Pastor as Minor Poet

What a delightful circle of cause and effect (as opposed to the vicious circle of complaining and discontent).

I don't need to look far, when I learn to give thanks in everything. The thanks-giving reveals blessings otherwise hidden.

And gratitude invades my heart.

A repost

Giving thanks for . . .

~ brothers and sisters-in-love (to be . . 12/22) sharing new life through sonogram photos

~ "bookend boys" reunited

~ a quiet evening alone at home

~ my friend's gift and how it blesses me

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I'm celebrating Thirty Days of Thanks by posting my list of thanks here daily for 30 days. You can join me every day or any day by posting your thanks in the comments, posting at Winsome Woman on Facebook, and/or posting on your own FB wall! 

"Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, 
for His steadfast love endures forever!" 
~Psalm 107:1

Joining Deidra Riggs and friends at the Sunday Community.